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Apple Color Training

Training for Color 1.5

Whether you want to be a professional colorist or just want to make your videos look more cinematic, this Color training starts from the basics and guides you on a journey through the world of color correction and grading. These video lessons explore the newest version of Color 1.5 and integration with Final Cut Pro 7.

Application of the Tutorials

Even if you are using other Final Cut Pro or Color versions, these video tutorials will still be very
applicable. The videos are all HD and are playable on both Mac and PC. I’ve been extremely
particular in making sure you can see everything on my screen. The lessons are also guided with
the key commands for all editing and coloring tricks.

The first few lessons explain how to set up your color correction environment and the workflow
from FCP to Color. By the time you finish these lessons, you will be confident in fixing and coloring
your shots. Almost every film, commercial, and TV show is color correctied and graded. Once you
learn to use Color in your projects, your films will look more professional.

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Video Lessons:

  1. Understanding Color
  2. Prepping in FCP
  3. Getting Ready for Color
  4. Project Properties
  5. User Preferences
  6. The Color Timeline
  7. Primary In Room
  8. How Color Works Part 1
  9. How Color Works Part 2
  10. Primary Curves
  11. Fixing White Balance
  12. Saturation
  13. Fixing Underexposed
  14. Fixing OverExposed
  15. Secondary Room
  16. HSL Keying
  17. Custom Grades
  18. Color Balance
  19. Color FX Room – Nodes
  20. Geometry Room – Auto Tracking
  21. Manual Tracking
  22. Render Queue
  23. Practical Color Example
  24. Fixing Awkward
  25. Color Training Goodbye


Color Correction Samples

Sample Video Lesson