Final Cut Pro 6 & 7

The Top Gear Effect in FCP7 – 4:05

The famous British show. Top Gear, has a very distinct style in their color correction and filters.

Check out how to create the effect all in Final Cut Pro 7.


The Rubik’s Cube Effect – 5:15

This quick and easy trick can be used for many different reasons. *This effect was done in Final Cut Pro 7 but will work with older versions as well as Final Cut Express.


Editing Audio Within a Frame – 2:02

There is a way to edit audio down to fractions of a frame. So you can really get down and dirty to take out those audio pieces that you don’t want.


Highlight Effect in FCP7 – 2:59

Many videos use highlighting or the marker effect to point out something important. This can be especially helpful for infomercials or directional videos.


Telephone Audio Filter – 4:37

The telephone effect is for scenes when you need the audio to sound like a person is on the other end of a telephone call.


Removing Excess Luma in Shots – 0:53

Ever experienced an annoying green check mark appearing in your canvas window and wondered what the heck it is!? Quick video tutorial to show you how to remove it when you don’t want it there.


Audio in Final Cut (Part 1) – 6:42

How to work with Audio in Final Cut Pro (for beginners).
This is the first video out of 5 in an audio training series by Zach King.


Trouble Shooting in Final Cut – 1:38

Here is one problem I had with my Final Cut Pro Scratch Disk. My FCP would not recognize my external hard drive.


Explosions and More in FCP – 4:24

More questions about Final Cut Pro answered as well as some mac questions and how to add explosions to your video.

Where do I get my free sound effects from?
What software is used to rip DVD footage to FCP?
Command Clicking?