Motion 5 Tutorials

Motion 5 Getting Started Tutorial – 10:08

Tutorial Topics: Setting up a project, Importing media, creating shapes and text.


Cool Lighting Effect in Motion 5 – 7:13

Zach King guides you through a cool lighting effect that is easy in Motion 4 or Motion 5. The project files include a version for both motion 4 and motion 5 users. Download Motion 5 Project Files Free here.


Animating Cartoons in Motion 5 – 8:26

Learn how to set up for animating your free Toon.FX in Motion 5.

Download the free Toon.FX here.


Create the Walking Dead Intro Effect – 8:02

Learn how to create the Walking Dead Title Sequence Effect. The download includes the fonts, glass pain, and project footage and motion files to follow along. Download the Motion project files here.


Sky Replacement in Motion 5- 5:15


Cool Free Templates in Motion 5 – 2:24


Free Tilt Shift Effect for Motion – 6:50


Toon.FX for Motion 5 – 4:54

How to create a sky replacement in Motion 5 in 5 minutes. This lesson is from the Motion 5 Compositing Training Course.

Download Motion Training