Awesome Text Effect – 4:11

This is a professional text effect which can be used for many different types of projects to give your video a glossy style.


Old TV Effect – 8:14

This tutorial will guide you through how to create this old TV effect. A lot of different tools are taught in this 8 minute video.


Photo Shine Effect – 2:44

Many commercials and videos use this glossy floor look to show off products or photos.

This tutorial is part of the Advanced Training for Motion 4. More tutorials like this can be found in the product page for Advanced Motion.


Creating Real 3D Text – 4:04

How to create some realistic looking 3D text without using third party plug ins for Motion.

Fringe TV Intro Effect – 5:52

This tutorial covers the popular text effect from the TV Show Fringe. Learn how to create this for yourself. Follow along with Zach using the project files.


Invisible Text Effect – 5:52


Motion 4 Overview – 11:56

An overview lesson of the Apple Motion 4 software.


Mysteryguitarman Freeze Frames – 3:50

Mysteryguitarman recently created a video called “Future Frames”. This tutorial teaches a simplistic version of this effect without the motion tracking.

See the Fringe tutorial to see how you could apply motion tracking and do this effect with a moving shot.


Chromakey (Greenscreen) in Motion 4 – 4:11

How to shoot and chromakey green screen footage in Motion.


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