Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro Overview- 6:17

An overview tutorial of Soundtrack Pro.


Soundtrack Pro Overview Part 2 – 3:50

Zach explains the second part of the overview tutorial for different elements in timeline, browser, and effects tab. We continue to study the workflow and navigating the layout.


Removing Hum in Soundtrack Pro – 3:36

Audio Time Stretch Tutorial – 5:30

A quick tip about stretching audio to match a certain length of a given project.


Telephone Audio Effect – 4:36

How to create the telephone effect with the band pass filter in Final Cut Pro. These same concepts can be applied in Soundtrack Pro.


Audio Workflow in Final Cut – 6:42

This tutorial teaches how to work with audioin Final Cut Pro the right way. This is a basic tutorial aimed for beginners.

Experienced editors will already know this stuff : )