Motion 4 Basics

Kick your videos
up a notch….or two

I have created a training series that has everything you need to know about Motion 4. In this
training series I teach the simple and complex tools with step-by-step video tutorials. There are
over two hours of video lessons which cover the basic features in Motion 4, toolbars
features, effects, animation, rendinering and more. The best part is that you can start downloading the lessons right now and get started.

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Motion 4 Getting Started

Sample Lesson:

Course Contents

  1. Welcome from Zach
  2. Getting Started
  3. The Canvas
  4. The File Browser
  5. The Library
  6. The Inspector
  7. The Timeline
  8. Creating Title Text
  9. Text Effects
  10. Creating Lower Thirds 1
  11. Creating Lower Thirds 2
  12. 3D Particles
  13. Animating the Camera
  14. Typography Text
  15. Paint Strokes
  16. Particle Emitter
  17. Final Cut Generators
  18. Final Cut Effects
  19. Keyframing Masks
  20. Using Dropzones
  21. Chromakey (Greenscreen)
  22. Muzzle Flashes
  23. Saving Stills
  24. Sending to Final Cut