Motion 5 Typography Training

Typography Training

Zach King is back with another exciting video training series for Motion 5. In 2 hours of video training you will learn how to create cool typography animations. You will discover the power of keyframing, animating, masking, and shape layers.

If this is your first time opening up Motion 5, the training includes an introductory lesson which covers all the basics you will need to know for this training. Additional Motion 5 Basic training is available here.

The download also comes with the shape layers created by the VFX Bro which are sweet animated elements that you can add to your motion graphics.

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Each lesson covers a certain effect, watch the promo video below to see some of the cool projects you will be creating.

The purchase includes a link to download all the HD training and project files as well as the extra backgrounds and textures.  Each purchase also comes with a complimentary account to stream the training directly from, so you can begin learning immediately.  You will always have access to your downloaded videos and can even put them onto your ipad. The download size is 1.7GB.

Dive deeper into the rich world of Motion graphics now.

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table of contents (

  1. Welcome from Zach
  2. Inspiration
  3. Basics of Motion 5
  4. Keyframing
  5. Creating Backgrounds
  6. Animation 101 Basics
  7. Creating a Floor and Shadow
  8. B Letter Animation
  9. Faking a T Animation
  10. Wiggle Behavior
  11. Shape Layers in Motion
  12. Chopping Text
  13. Cutting Letters
  14. Background Changes
  15. Letter Transformation
  16. Creating Group Shadows
  17. Ripple Effect
  18. Scaling Text
  19. Exploring Text
  20. Scary Text Audio Cues
  21. The Bulge Effect
  22. Goodbye from Zach

Watch this Promo for the Training Course


Free Template if you purchase by May 21


Cool Typography Example Video