Cinema 4D Basics

Crash Course in Cinema 4D

For the last several months I have been getting flooded with requests to create a training course for Cinema 4D….so that’s what I did.  These training videos will get you up to speed about Cinema 4D quickly from navigating the software to rendering your final video for YouTube.

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The crash course is packed with over 90 minutes of training videos all in HD!  it also comes with lots of projects files and file assets which will help you go through the lessons and follow along. You will never be lost. This training is geared for first time users or beginners in Cinema 4D.

Course Contents

  1. Welcome Video
  2. Tools list Part 1
  3. Tools list Part 2
  4. Modeling Points
  5. Modeling Nerbs
  6. Navigation Part 1
  7. Navigation Part 2
  8. Texturing BAsics
  9. Texture Mapping
  10. Animation Basics
  11. Creating a Flag
  12. 3D Text Effect
  13. Lighting Tutorial
  14. Smoke Tutorial
  15. Compositing Text in Images
  16. Animating the Camera
  17. How to Render Your Movie
       *BONUS LESSON: Mograph Basics (Just Added)
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Sample Lesson:


Cool Stuff you will be Creating:


What you Get!

After you purchase the training will you be sent a download link for the training including all the project files for the lessons and project elements. I have also included several PDF guides with more details for some of the lessons which are more complex so you can print them out and follow along or download them to your ipad.