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Mastering Final Cut Pro 6

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Final Cut Domination

Many of you have waited in serious anticipation
for this cutting edge training series – and not
it’s here.

When I began my journey in Final Cut years ago,
I wished I had a training series like this one to
jump start me into the editing world. If I had some
sort of training course to teach me Final Cut I would
have saved myself hours of troubleshooting, guessing,
and wasting time looking for answers to all my questions.
The problem was other Final Cut training courses cost
anywhere from $120 to $500 and that was simply out
of my budget.


Training Thousand of People

So that’s why I started in 2008, to help people learn more about Final Cut Studio.
I’ve created a two disc training series that includes everything you need to know about Final Cut 6.
In this training series I teach the simple and complex editing techniques with step-by-step tutorials. All
the videos are HD, so you can see everything on my screen to the pixel. I also include some of the
video footage that I use in the tutorials so you can follow alonge with me while I teach.

After watching a lot of the other training for Final Cut that is available; I really believe that this training
course is one of the very best. You should be able to learn Final Cut at your own pace so you
can fully Master Final Cut Pro.

*Most of this training is also very compatible with Final Cut Express users.

*This training includes FREE SHIPPING both international and domestic.

Course Contents

1. Getting Set Up
2. Customizing FCP3. Managing the Browser
4. The Viewer5. Basic Editing
6. Effects
7. Filters
8. The Timeline
9. Compositing10. Speed Effects
11. Creating Titles 12. Exporting Media

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Sample Training Lesson