Final Cut X

Final Cut X Overview Tutorial – 1:14

Final Cut Pro X tutorial by Zach King. This training video will cover the basics and beginner overview for Apple’s new software. Some of the topics that are covered in this training include – setting up a project, the browser, importing footage, syncing separated audio, filters, the inspector, editing in the storyline, and the color wheel basics.

Download the practice footage here.

Cloning Yourself in FCPX 3:34

How to clone yourself in the Final Cut Pro X? This video will show you how. This effect can be used for many things and is base to creating more advanced effects in Final Cut X.

Final Cut X Training 1:14


Chromakey in Final Cut X – 4:53

Learn how to key out backgrounds in Final Cut X in this tutorial by Zach King. Download the Footage here.

Download FCPX Training