Motion 5 Advanced

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After the success of the “Motion 5 Getting Started” tutorials I was sent a large amount of inquires for a more advanced training – so here it is!

Motion tracking is one of the large topics in this course and I give plenty of tracking examples and real life situations for reasons you will need to track a shot. I show you how to remove unwanted items from your shots, how to track freeze frames, and track text in a shot.  I have several HD clips for you to use as practice in your tracking.

One of the other major topics of this course is particles and a shattering text effect. Making use of the particle emitter is very important and something more people should understand. The course includes templates that you can customize yourself, project files so you can follow along, and footage so you can practice what I teach.

*The download is 1.7GB.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form.

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Advanced Motion 5

Course Contents

  • 1. Zach Welcome
  • 2.Building 3D Rooms
  • 3.Audio Beat Effect
  • 4.Reflective Text
  • 5.Tracking Lesson
  • 6.Box Removal
  • 7.Shattering Text Part 1
  • 8.Shattering Text Part 2
  • 9.The Echo Effect
  • 10.Tracking in Z Space