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My goal was simple for this training course – create a spectacular tutorial package and deliver it at an affordable price for everyone.  This is an HD video training course aimed to handhold beginners through the Motion 5 experience.

This is the quickest and easiest way to learn Motion 5 in my opinion. Books and manuals can be frustrating and slow.  From the first time you open up Motion to when you put your project into Final Cut, I will take you through the entire journey.

The course includes templates that you can customize yourself, project files so you can follow along, and footage so you can practice what I teach.

*The download is 2.6GB.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form.

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1.Getting Started
2.The Canvas
3.The File Browser 4.The Library
5.The Inspector
6.The Timeline
7.Creating Title Text
8.Text Effects
9.Creating Lower Thirds 1
10. Creating Lower Thirds 2
11. 3D Particles
12. Animating the Camera
13. Typography Text
14. Paint Strokes
15. Particles Emitter
16. Final Cut Generators
17. Final Cut Effects
18. Keyframing Masks
19. Using Dropzones
20. Chromakey
21.Muzzle Flashes
22. Saving Stills
23. Sending to Final Cut