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Brand New Training for Motion

Motion Text Effects is a brand new training course by Zach King. With over an hour of step by step HD videos you will learn how to create professional looking text effects using Motion 5. This is a great course for both beginners and experienced users. There is even a bonus introduction tutorial for people who are opening Motion for the first time.

Every lesson comes with a motion project so you can follow along and see all of Zach’s settings. The download also comes with free texture packs, fonts, and backgrounds.

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Effects you will be Creating!


Here’s all the video lessons

  1. Motion 5 Introduction
  2. Exporting Images
  3. Indiana Jones effect
  4. Glyph Tool and Text Sequencing
  5. Hello Text Effect
  6. Shimmer Effect
  7. Back to School Effect
  8. Drop Down Effect
  9. Goldilocks Effect
  10. King Design Effect
  11. Light Text
  12. Reflective Text and Floors
  13. Glowing Midnight Effect
  14. Neon Light Inspiration
  15. Pirate Burn Effect
  16. Swag Effect
  17. Retro Style Effect
  18. Super Simple Tips and Tricks

Some Screenshots

Editing Glyphs in Motion

 Motion 5 Text Effects

Helpful Lower Thirds

 Motion 5 Text Effects

Paint Strokes and Styles

 Motion 5 Text Effects

Tips & Tricks

 Motion 5 Text Effects

Bonus Textures

Over 50 texture files in the download.

texture pack Motion 5 Text Effects

textures 2 0000000 Motion 5 Text Effects

texture pack 3 Motion 5 Text Effects

Free Download of Social Media Template

Want to try out a free template from the training course. 
  • Click below to download the template that will work in both Motion 4 & 5.
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How does the download work?
  • After you finish the checkout, you will be sent an email with a download link to the course.
What is the length of the training course?
  • There is over an hour and a half of training with all the videos.
Will this course work for Motion 4?
  • Actually, all the training is 100% applicable to Motion 4. But the project files will not open in Motion 4 sadly. But you will be able to recreate ALL the effects if you follow along with the videos.
Is this course really hard?
  • This course was presented with beginners in mind. Naturally, some lessons are cover more difficult effects but they are all very easy if you follow the step by step videos. You will not be getting lost. All the videos have lower thirds that pop up and help guide you through as well.
What is the download size?
  • All the videos are HD so the download is about 2.5 GB with all the motion projects, fonts, textures, and tutorials.

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Happy Downloading!

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