Motion 4 Advanced


Start Creating Powerful Graphics

This two disc training course is jammed packed with HD video tutorials for your learning pleasure.
Explore Motion 4 as Zach King takes you through some advanced techniques that will take your
projects to a higher level of excellence.

Also included with each lesson is the original Motion file, so you can follow along with every detail
that Zach teaches you.

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Take advantage of Motion’s 3D features.

– Learn how to create 3D scenes
– Animating the Camera
– Turn 2D photos into 3D space
– Scene Lighting
– Keyframing Color Changes
– Bonus Footage and Photos
– Project Files
– and more…..

Course Contents

1. Creating Backgrounds
2. 3D Backgrounds
3. Text Effects
4. Lighting
5. Special Effects
6. 3D Photo Extensions

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