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This package contains over 100 prekeyed cartoon characters from categories that include superheroes, animals, humans, monsters, and nature. This package not only provides you with the elements necessary for cartoon visual effects but also provides the training to composite professional grade shots.

You will be equipped for endless animation combination, empowering you to create anything from very basic animations to sophisticated and unique effects using Motion 5, FCPX and Cinema 4D.

What’s in the download?

Watch this video which explains more about the creative package and the training tutorials.

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Includes Prekeyed Video

Prekeyed (Alpha) Quicktime .mov files are provided for easy drag and drop functionality within all compositing softwares (After Effects, Motion, Nuke, and Final Cut Pro). Check out some of the sample elements in the video below…


Includes Practice Footage

This course includes footage that is used in the training projects for you to follow along with. All tutorials are recorded in high definition. After you watch the tutorials you can go through the sample projects where you learn to take what you’ve learned and apply it to real visual effects projects.
*The download is 1.37GB. If you have any other questions, please feel free to fill out contact form.

Toon FX Practice Footage

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Course Contents –

  1. Tracking and Compositing
  2. The Look
  3. Water Reflections
  4. 3D Integration – Cinema 4D
  5. Character Animation Part 1
  6. Character Animation Part 2
  7. Animating the Toons
  8. Bonus Bench Lesson
  9. Texturing Tutorial
  10. Using Toons in FCPX
  11. Render Settings

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Toon FX Lessons

Toon.FX used in Music Video