Zach King on Australian TV (2011)

The #1 Australian Show called “Sunrise” featured Zach King (FinalCutKing) early this morning on TV.
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Zach King on the News (2010)

A video of Zach King being interviewed by Tracy Barry on Channel 8 News (Live@7).
Zach King won the critics choice award from the Bridgestone Safety Scholars contest 2010.


FinalCutKing on Partners Project

Zach King on an interview with the Partners Project.


In some Articles…

Biola Magazine – June 2011

Tubefilter News – June 2, 2011

Cinema and Media Arts – Aug 11, 2011

World Magazine – Oct 10, 2011

Biola Chimes – Oct 12, 2010

Huffington Post – May 9, 2012

Jedi Kittens

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness because they are really some crazy Jedi Kittens!
I know it’s short but when I saw these kittens playing around with light sabers I had to start filming. Hopefully this can hold you over until the next video!

Behind the Scenes –‬

These two kittens were rescued from a pound a few weeks ago and were about to die from eye infections and pre-mature birth. 1 has fully recovered and the other is finishing up antibiotics. They love life and love cuddling on the couch and watching star wars.


Flying Macbook Air

The Apple Macbook Air is lighter than ever and can even fly. All the features of the Macbook Air air are now more exciting when the laptop can fly.

Video and effects by Zach King. Now I just need Apple to pay me for advertising their products!
Shot with the Canon 5D and the Macbook Air 11” inch 2011 model.

*The Macbook Air 2011 should work well with iCloud now that it can fly.


Nyan Cat – Poptart Kitty

Beware of the Nyan Kitty. Will you be eating Poptarts?
Thanks for sharing the video.


I am Fruit Ninja

Real Life Fruit Ninja showing off the chopping skills. And yes, this is real life!


 Minecraft First Person Shooter

This is what happens to any Minecraft Mob that loiter in my backyard. 
Special thanks to Brandon Porter for manning the camera and Aaron Benitez for some vfx help.


Office Warfare

Don’t touch Jimmy Wong’s epic collection of Nerf guns in the office. 
Comment below and we are going to respond to the next 1,000 comments (that’s pretty darn insane!).


Portal Pranks


Awesome iPad 2 Unboxing

This iPad 2 is a 32GB/WiFi – I originally wanted the black 16GB, but this white one isn’t too shabby.

Thinner. Lighter. Faster.
FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery.
Starting at $499. 

R.I.P Steve Jobs, you created some great products.